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I could keep on scrappin' or I could go to bed,
but then what would I do with all these layouts in my head?
~Author Unknown, "My Addiction"

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The Log Your Memory mission is to provide tools, education, inspiration & support for those interested in documenting and sharing the stories of their "real life" through scrapbooking and/or journaling.
The busier & more full the life, the more there is to scrapbook ... and the less time to get it done. Rather than hoping stories will be remembered or relying on an unorganized collection of calendars, notes & memorabilia, Log Your Memory offers a system for ensuring memories get documented - easily and consistently.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Why Do You Scrap?

There can be many reason to scrap book, setting up albums, creating baby albums, saving memorabilia of children's events, from birthdays, school activities, graduation, holidays, outings, vacations, your pets and so much more, its only limited by your imagination.

What I remember my mother-in-law did was create albums with all of her greeting cards, (store bought at that time) and once compiled into large books, her grandchildren loved looking through them every time the family got together, seeing those cards they had given her over the years, brought back many memories and lots of enjoyment.

So what is your choice of Scrapbooking, making your own elements to create or purchasing the many establishments? What ever it is there are so many things that can be created, simple to difficult, a lot of enjoyment can be derived in seeing your books come together.

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

History Of Scrapbooking Part I

For a lot of people scrape-booking is something new, but in reality scrap-booking has been around since 1598 with Aristotle and Cicero. During the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries, the Renaissance period, the soon-to-be termed commonplace book came into its own as the period's overflow of information and culture needed a place to reside. The Greeks followed along as it became common place for a place to copy their favorite passages and poems as they were inspired.  

During the sixteen  Giorgio Vasari, an Italian author used blank books for prints and drawings, which influenced museums and libraries during that time period and a practice that continued to be popular in Europe up until the 1900s.
In 1769  William Granger published a history of England published history and added extra pages for readers to add to their own illustrations to these books. 

Thomas Jefferson, was one of the first well-known American scrappers, he would save newspaper clippings placing them in books including crafts instructions, even used these books for daily diaries. Others started to save ephemera, memorabilia printed paper  tickets or playbills, onto old book or catalog pages. 

By the 1800's scrape started looking like those of today, with embossing and fancy clasps. Women started using scrape books for saving cards, poems, calling cards, lady's favorite quotes, even hair weaving's.

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